AnglicareSA is proud to announce that our Housing Portfolio, AnglicareSA Housing has recently been registered as a Tier 1 Housing Provider by the National Regulatory System for Community Housing. This reinforces our position as one of the leading providers of Community Housing in South Australia.

“Australia’s new National Regulatory System for Community Housing aims to ensure a well governed, well managed and viable national community housing sector that meets the housing needs of tenants and provides assurance for government and investors.”

AnglicareSA Housing has always been committed to providing the best possible service to our community and this is recognition of our work. Tier 1 identifies AnglicareSA Housing as being a large scale provider with long term plans to grow our number of homes in areas of highest need. It also clearly defines our ongoing obligation to improve on our service to our tenants by:

  • Being fair, transparent and responsive to tenants
  • Maintaining all our properties to appropriate standards ( soon to be published on this site)
  • Contributing to the community as a whole and partnering with other organisations to promote community housing
  • Continuously improving our business processes to support the services and our tenants
  • Acting with integrity and honesty at all times
  • Being as efficient and effective as possible
  • Ensuring we have the finances to maintain our services to the community for many decades to come.

To find out more about what this means to you as a tenant, go to the Tenants Fact Sheet, or if you prefer, go the NRSCH website for even more detail.

We plan to use this website as an information source to our current tenants, as well as those interested in using our services, to provide a quick response to enquiries, maintenance requests, complaints and feedback. Stay tuned as we develop more interactive tools over the rest of the year.

If you have any questions, issues or comments, please click here for feedback.