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AnglicareSA is part of the Anglican community which supports our work in various ways as we participate together in the well being of the wider community of South Australia.

The Anglican Community includes Parishes and Diocesan Leadership Structures, Anglican Schools, Chaplaincies in institutions, local and national organisations such as the Mothers’ Union, Bush Church Aid Society and others, overseas aid and development organisations and the work of organisations which focus on care, community and advocacy for justice such as AnglicareSA.

AnglicareSA connects with Parishes through the support parishes offer our programs, especially in supporting our emergency assistance programs across metropolitan Adelaide at Elizabeth, Salisbury, City, St Mary’s and Morphett Vale. People in Parishes support our special fundraising campaigns and events and are involved as volunteers across the organisation alongside volunteers from the wider community.

AnglicareSA connects with parishes through speakers on Sundays and other times. Anglicare Sunday is the second Sunday in October and the traditional Anglicare Quarter is the last three months of the year from October to December. Speakers on the work of AnglicareSA are available.

AnglicareSA connects with Parishes through our support for Parish Community Engagement and Parish Partnerships.

  • Parish Community Engagement Worker, Jill Rivers working with parish leaders and AnglicareSA staff in project planning and development
  • The Parish Community Engagement Fund which provides small grants to parishes
  • The co-location of AnglicareSA services in various parish sites across metropolitan Adelaide
  • Parish Partnerships where Parishes and AnglicareSA work together to meet the needs and hopes of people in the community including The Magdalene Centre working alongside the City Parishes of St Mary Magdalene’s, St John’s and St Peter’s Cathedral; St Mary’s with AnglicareSA (Picket Fence and Project Centre) South Road and several others
  • Developing Covenants with parishes across AnglicareSA based on the biblical idea of the promises we make to God and each other in our mission together.

AnglicareSA works in partnership with Anglican Schools, who provide great support for AnglicareSA emergency assistance programs and special appeals. These partnerships encourage students to consider the needs and hopes of the wider community. The daily work of AnglicareSA is a relevant part of the schools’ learning objectives in social justice and community care.

AnglicareSA connects with Diocesan Leadership Structures in a variety of ways including:

  • The members of AnglicareSA Inc. are the members of the Synod of the Diocese of Adelaide. The Annual Meeting of AnglicareSA Inc. is held in the context of the October meeting of Synod;
  • Reverend Peter Sandeman, CEO AnglicareSA is involved in the leadership of the Diocese of Adelaide in a variety of way;
  • AnglicareSA connects with the Diocese of Willochra and the Diocese of The Murray in a variety of ways through service provision and support for the development of new initiatives;
  • AnglicareSA is actively involved in membership and leadership with the Church in Society Ministry Unit of the Diocese of Adelaide and its various networks including the Anglican Refugee Network, Anglican Emergency Assistance Network, Anglican Opportunity Shop Network and the Anglican Ecumenical Network;
  • AnglicareSA exercises the pastoral care of clients, residents, staff and volunteers in collaboration with the wider Anglican Community through the employment of Anglican Clergy as residential aged care chaplains and staff support chaplains across AnglicareSA.
  • AnglicareSA connects with various other organisations across the Anglican Community including:
  • St Barnabas Theological College through a parish, AnglicareSA and Anglican Schools education project;
  • Bush Church Aid Society through a commitment to support the work of the Chaplain, Aboriginal people in custody;
  • St Columba School, Andrews Farm through a new project to support the work of a Project Worker for the Anglican Sudanese Engagement Project.

Photographic Poster Display

Focusing on the diverse work of AnglicareSA these simple & captivating images invite a journey to discover the human dimensions of the work and its resonance with Christian faith and life.

See the full poster display here: Photographic Poster Display

Steps on how to access the service

Parishes who would like more information can contact AnglicareSA directly.

Peter Burke: Ph: 8305 9295, E: [email protected]

Jill Rivers: Ph 8305 9294, E: [email protected]