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Donna and Lloyd were busy parents working full-time but they knew they wanted to give back to children in care.

Through her work as a police officer, Donna was exposed the reality of life for some children. This, and a desire to grow their family, inspired Donna and Lloyd to welcome their first foster child into their family with daughter Grace.

Now, more than 10 years later, the couple have been long-term foster carers to two children.

“I couldn’t bear the thought that these children could be living somewhere without love, it’s hard to imagine,” Donna said.

Donna and Lloyd still have regular contact with their first foster child – who is now 19 years old – who moved out of the family home to live independently.

Their second – an eight-year-old – has lived with Donna, Lloyd, their adopted greyhound and three chickens for just over a year.

While their foster care journey hasn’t been without challenges, Donna and Lloyd said the positive times far outweighed the challenges.

They encouraged anyone considering foster care to take the plunge.

“I think people hear more of the good than the bad and there is definitely a stigma around foster care and foster children,” Lloyd said.

“But I think if you want to do it, how much time you have doesn’t matter. They’re part of the family and you make it happen.”

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