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Last year we undertook the ‘Many Voices, One AnglicareSA’ employee survey.  The anonymous survey gave our staff the opportunity to have their say about what they like about working at AnglicareSA, how they think their leaders and managers are tracking, and where they think the organisation needs to improve.

The questionnaire provided us with a host of fascinating findings, many of which will help to shape AnglicareSA’s future direction. But for now, here are some key takeaways from the organisation wide survey that we reckon are absolutely precious.

72% Response Rate

A total of 72% of our 1,800 employees took part in this survey; and as you can see more than 57% of respondents are engaged with the organisation.

A Culture of Ambition

With an employee engagement score of 58% we’ve maintained our position from our last survey (conducted in 2015) as a ‘culture of ambition’.

A culture of ambition is characterised by: 50 -60% of employees actively engaging with the organisation.

AnglicareSA Is a Great Place to Work

Almost three out of four Anglicarers agreed with the bold statement: “AnglicareSA is a truly great place work”.

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) provides organisations with a gauge of employee loyalty and engagement. Promoters are extremely likely to recommend an organisation, whereas detractors are not at all likely to recommend it.

The NPS is the percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors.

For organisations like AnglicareSA, a NPS of above 40 is best practice. And as you can see, we’re almost there.

Top 3 Employee Attractions

Having the right mix of benefits is a really important part of attracting and retaining good quality employees, and of the all things that AnglicareSA brings to the table as South Australia’s largest social service provider the three attributes that most attract our staff to the organisation are:

  • Good reputation
  • Values-based
  • Community minded

Optimistic About the Future

As a culture of ambition our staff are committed to our goals and values. This gives us great heart and means that Anglicarers are for the most part committed to the organisation.

There are a number of positives we can take from this invaluable employee survey, but there a few more significant discoveries than the fact that 61% of respondents agreed with the statement that ‘people are very optimistic about the future of the organisation.’

The survey provided us with a lot of rich data and allows us to better understand where we need to make improvements. However, much like our staff we’re optimistic for the future, and I’m sure that with a little more work we can strive towards a ‘culture of success’.