Anglicare SA

Education Support

What the service offers

AnglicareSA’s education support service, known as Y Connect, provides Flexible Learning Options (FLO) for children and young people aged eight to 19-years-old who are at risk of disengaging from mainstream school, or who are already disengaged. FLO provides individual case management, alternative education and skills development training and options. FLO works in conjunction with Innovative Community Action Networks (ICANs) which bring together young people, families, schools, community groups, businesses and different levels of government to find solutions to local issues that prevent young people from completing their education.

ICANs target young people, from Year 6 at school to the age of 19, who may be enrolled in school but who are at risk of leaving early, who are disengaged from employment or who are not re-engaging on a pathway to work, further education or community participation, or a combination of these.
AnglicareSA’s approach combines providing direct services to a young person or family, with the coordination of access to a range of other appropriate support services. We coordinate access to AnglicareSA programs as well as external agencies. AnglicareSA has many long-standing formal partnerships with a range of agencies.

Who can access the service

  • Young people aged eight to 19-years-old as well as their families and carers.

Steps on how to access the service

Schools and other educational institutions refer clients to the program. Self-referral is not available.