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Allied Health Services

Physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy and exercise physiology services to support older people living life to the full. Services are provided to individuals and in group settings.

What the service offers

Individual and group services to maintain and improve the health and quality of life for older South Australians.

Staying strong and active and living with vitality is so important as we age. That’s why Allied Health Services support and treat older people in AnglicareSA facilities and in service centres located at Westbourne Park, Grange and Elizabeth.

Individual services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, exercise physiology and remedial massage.

Group sessions include hydrotherapy, falls prevention, cognition and strength-based programs.

Who can access the service

  • People aged 65 and older.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples aged 50 and older.

Steps on how to access the service

  • My Aged Care referral process at
  • CDM (chronic disease management) plans from a GP
  • Call the AnglicareSA Allied Health team on 1800 317 009 for more information

Group Activities

Clever Thinkers
A friendly group based program designed to stimulate your mind with a variety of cognitive and mental fitness exercises. Find out about memory and brain function and enjoy socialising with others.

Falls & Balance
A 15-week Monash University exercise program focused on improving balance. Balance exercises are progressed each week to challenge you and help you to continue to improve.

Stay on Your Feet
Once you have completed the 15-week Falls and Balance program, the Stay on Your Feet class can help you maintain your improved balance through exercises.

Healthy Hearts
A low to moderate exercise program aimed at improving heart health and developing endurance. Experience a variety of exercises including strength, coordination and balance, and hand and ankle weights and gym equipment.

Health Education Seminars
Monthly educational talks about topics relevant to older people. Come along for some learning over a cup of tea and biscuits.

Gentle water based exercise group to assist in improving your joint mobility, muscle strength and endurance. The buoyancy and warmth of the water can soothe your sore or inflamed muscles and joints.

Senior Man in Swimming Pool

Open Gym
Receive a personalised exercise program from our exercise physiologist, which you can undertake at your own pace.

Mat based exercise class which involves gentle stretches and Pilates exercises to improve posture and movement, increase your muscle strength and flexibility, improve your balance and reduce chronic lower back pain.

Strength & Fitness
A combination of cardio and strength-based exercises, incorporating hand and ankle weights and gym equipment. Designed to increase general strength and fitness and assist with the physical requirements of daily activities.

Chi ball
Aims to bring balance to mind, body and spirit through gentle movement.

Parallel Pole Dancing
Choreographed dance moves to music, with the safety of the parallel bars. Guaranteed to be lots of fun!!

(NOTE: To ensure your safety and to enable you to meet your health and fitness goals, you must undergo an assessment by a therapist prior to undertaking any classes)

We are currently accepting new referrals through the My Aged Care website at

Program News

July 2016
Parallel Pole Dancing – exercise for the elderly
AnglicareSA Parallel pole dancing - 2

A Parallel Pole Dancing (PPD) group was developed in May 2013 and the initiative, run out of AnglicareSA’s Elizabeth and Westbourne Park Allied Health sites, has tripled in size since its inception.

The age range of participants is 65 to 89 years and a fourth group is currently being set up at Elizabeth with new routines and soundtracks in development. PPD involves four participants at a time performing guided choreographed dance moves to music, with the safety and support of parallel bars.

The idea was sparked by the need for services aimed at the young-old and baby boomer clientele, who are active members of the community seeking something a little bit different to standard exercise groups. It was also an AnglicareSA staff initiative in response to feedback from Aged Care client surveys which noted dance as an interest and a favoured form of exercise.

Exercising with a set of parallel bars for support makes it safer for the older generation to move and get fit. It helps to build strength, flexibility and balance – and then there’s the social aspect. It’s fun!

For more information about the Parallel Pole Dancing program, please see this excerpt from Channel 9 News:

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