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Looking for volunteer opportunities in Adelaide or greater South Australia? Register to be an AnglicareSA volunteer here.


As an AnglicareSA volunteer you are valued by our organisation. Our South Australian volunteers also report feeling a sense of achievement and reward which comes from helping others and making a difference to South Australians in need.

You will be provided with support and training for the role that you undertake. Volunteering provides the opportunity to develop new skills which may assist with employment options. Some of our Adelaide volunteers have found paid employment as a direct result of the experience they have gained from their volunteering roles with AnglicareSA.

As a volunteer, you are also able to apply for any paid positions that become available within AnglicareSA.

While working in a volunteer role for AnglicareSA you are covered by insurance in the event of injury.

Volunteers are required to sign and abide by the AnglicareSA code of conduct as well as a confidentiality agreement.

As a volunteer, you may claim for any authorised out-of-pocket expenses – such as kilometre reimbursement – which are incurred by you. This does not include travel to and from the site that you are volunteering from.