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Better Places Stronger Communities

If you are a tenant under the Better Places Stronger Communities Program, this section provides valuable information for you.

Better Places Stronger Communities (BPSC) is based on the principles of property, people and place. This means working in partnership with our tenants, seeking to provide quality housing within communities that are attractive, vibrant and safe.

What the service offers

AnglicareSA Housing are now managing 479 BPSC properties in the Elizabeth Grove and Elizabeth Vale area. Working with our tenants and the broader community, we aim to:

  • deliver a quality property management and maintenance program
  • promote opportunities that support environmental outcomes
  • build on the existing strengths of our tenants and involve them in decisions about their properties and community
  • work with other support agencies in providing essential services
  • support placemaking activities that build a sense of pride and belonging.

Hard waste winners

BPSC hard waste comp winners

The Elizabeth Grove Housing team recently ran an innovative competition (devised by Aaron Cooke) for tenants to encourage them to organise their hard rubbish collection through the local council. Tenants who booked a hard waste collection went into the running to win a Coles/Myer gift voucher.

Tenant feedback received by AnglicareSA staff about the competition was extremely positive. Nothing like this had previously been arranged and it gave tenants a chance to get rid of some unwanted items.

Local tenant Pam said it was great to win.

“The voucher will be a great help towards me redecorating my house,” Pam said. “Since Anglicare has taken over, they have done so much for me. Thank you very much for the chance to win and for all that Anglicare is doing.”

Another voucher winner, Wayne, thanked AnglicareSA for the opportunity to enter the competition and said “it’s not very often you find something like that”.

Winning tenant, Jenny, also said thank you for the opportunity to enter.

“It was a big surprise to actually win and it will certainly come in handy towards my household food shopping,” Jenny said.

We encourage your involvement

Want to have a say in how your local community looks and interacts?

Participate in our community events, become a member of the Tenants Advisory Group or contribute your skills to the BPSC community newsletter.

Any feedback, complaints or suggestions? Let us know by submitting your feedback here

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