Anglicare SA

Healing Centre for Adelaide’s homeless a step closer

AnglicareSA will today announce a $1.6 million investment to create its Healing Centre for Adelaide’s homeless in the city.

The announcement, to be made at the Don Dunstan Foundation’s Addressing Homelessness Conference, will also outline AnglicareSA’s plans for the centre which will help reduce homelessness by providing people with a safe place to sleep.

“We have been working for well over a year now on a specific plan to address homelessness in the CBD, which is a complicated and challenging issue,” AnglicareSA CEO Peter Sandeman said.

“Over many years there have been several initiatives aimed at reducing homelessness, but unfortunately these have been short-term fixes.

“The Healing Centre will give homeless people a safe place to stay and deliver long-term, sustainable outcomes. It will help the homeless to transition away from homelessness, because a journey to a safe place is everyone’s right.

“Our service delivery model will be directed by the individual. We want the person to tell us what they want, rather than us telling them what we believe they need and they will have access to a range of support programs.”

Peter said that AnglicareSA has just purchased a building in the CBD and the next step is to secure funding from third-parties to help with the building’s refurbishment and fit-out.

“We have invested $1.6 million into this important initiative and now we are calling for support from the private sector and community to help us raise at least $500,000 to make this building feel more like a home,” Peter said.

“This money will be spent on refurbishing internal structures inside the building and also furnishing the rooms.”  

AnglicareSA is currently seeking final council approvals for the site and communicating with neighbouring properties. It will announce the building’s exact location once these discussions have taken place and approvals received.