Anglicare SA


Anglicare SA Ltd. and Anglicare SA Housing Limited are each governed by their own volunteer boards. We thank the members of the Board for donating their time and expertise.



Members of the governing body are elected by the Synod of the Diocese of Adelaide, appointed by the AnglicareSA council, the Diocesan council, and appointed by the Diocese of Willochra and the Diocese of The Murray. The Archbishop of Adelaide, the Most Reverend Geoff Smith, is president of the Board.

The members of AnglicareSA are the members of the Synod of the Anglican Church in Adelaide.

Statement regarding the change of status

AnglicareSA Constitution

AnglicareSA Board


The Most Reverend Geoff Smith, President
Archbishop of Adelaide

Mr Bruce Linn – Chair
Bruce Linn & Associates

Mrs Ann Bloor
Member of the Parole Board of South Australia

The Reverend David Covington-Groth
Parish Priest, Anglican Parish of Mitcham

Mr Philip Evans
Diocese of the Murray

Mr Greg Frisby
Corporate Consultant & Director

The Reverend Ali Wurm
Appointee, Diocese of Willochra

Mr John Blunt
Chief Executive Officer, Makris Group of Companies

Ms Emma Riggs
Solicitor, Camatta Lempens Lawyers

Mr Grant Chapman
Business Management Consultant and former Senator

The Reverend Lyn McRostie
Parish Priest, Holy Cross Elizabeth Anglican Parish

The Reverend Darren Russ
Deacon, Anglican Parish of Brighton

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